Friday, January 13, 2017

CBC: Inside Quebec’s Far Right - If criticism of diversity and 3rd world migration on steroids is "Far Right," what is the Right? --tma

On a sunny day in mid-October, about 100 people gathered outside Quebec’s National Assembly, chanting their concern that immigration was eroding Quebec culture.
They were members of the various groups that make up the far right in Quebec: Justiciers du peuple, PEGIDA Quebec and Soldats d’Odin among them.
Standing apart from the crowd that Saturday were a dozen members of a group that even the rest of the far right finds radical.
Scaling the nearby walls of the Citadelle, Atalante Québec unfurled a banner that read, “Death to terrorists, Islam Out.”
“Atalante are guys that are a bit more extreme than us,” said Katy Latulippe, who heads the Quebec chapter of Soldiers of Odin, a group that has proposed patrolling Quebec City neighbourhoods popular with Muslims.
Other far-right groups avoid talking about race, preferring to speak of religious fundamentalism instead. ...