Wednesday, March 22, 2017

AmRen - Ann Coulter: We Have Now Hit Full-on Crazy - Even convicted fatal bombers allowed to waltz into US

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Why aren’t Americans allowed to determine their 
own immigration policy?
Liberals are ecstatic that a judge in Hawaii is writing immigration policy for the entire country, and that policy is: We have no right to tell anyone that he can’t live in America. (Unless they’re Christians—those guys we can keep out.)
As subtly alluded to in the subtitle of Adios, America: The Left’s Plan to Turn Our Country into a Third World Hellhole, the goal of liberals is for the poor of the world to have a constitutional right to come here whenever they want.
I can’t help but notice that the Third Worlders aren’t moving to liberals’ neighborhoods.
After nearly 1 million Rwandans were murdered by other Rwandans in 1994, our government asked itself: Why not bring more of this fascinating Rwandan culture to America? Ten thousand of them poured in. So far, nearly 400 have been convicted in the United States of lying on visa applications about their role in the genocide.
And that’s why we have to tighten our belt, America! Massive international investigations don’t come cheap.
Almost every immigration case is a con, something we find out every time there’s a San Bernardino shooting and half the family turns out to have scammed our immigration officials. One hundred percent of the “humanitarian” cases are frauds. ...