Monday, March 27, 2017

AP: Merkel Celebrates German Election Win, Challenger Deflated - The good news? Challenger was a Schultz "Merkel with a beard" guy --tma

BERLIN (AP) -- German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Monday celebrated an encouraging win for her conservatives (On what exoplanet are the Merkel people "conservatives"?) in a state election, declaring that her party has "every chance" in upcoming votes. Her center-left challenger in Germany's national election later this year vowed not to be put off his stride by a deflating result.

Merkel's Christian Democrats easily beat challenger Martin Schulz's center-left Social Democrats in Saarland state on Sunday. A much tighter race had been expected after the Social Democrats were boosted in polls by nominating Schulz, a former European Parliament president but a newcomer to national politics, in January. ...