Thursday, March 30, 2017

AmRen - Mercer: Jihad’s Triumph on Westminster Bridge - Why wasn’t this attack prevented? - Vicious previous crimes got soft responses

Khalid Masood
Met Police / AP Wire

The attacks keep coming. Murder or maiming by Muslims living among us is an almost daily occurrence in the West. The latest was knifeman Khalid Masood, who plowed a car into pedestrians on Westminster Bridge, London, and then proceeded to slash at them with a 12-inch blade. Immoral media counted five dead, with the killer.
In addition to the four murdered, 50 people were injured.
Promptly did Prime Minister Theresa May get her Churchill on: “[W]e are not afraid and our resolve will never waver in the face of terrorism.” How easy it is to wax fat from the safety of a bunker! May was whisked away from the Houses of Parliament by an armed security detail.
In fact, the only reason Masood hadn’t claimed more lives for his vampiric God (a peaceful entity, promised Prime Minister May) was because he committed Jihad at the Parliamentary estate. There, a “close protection officer,” essentially a bodyguard to a politician, drew a gun and dispatched the rampaging Muslim.
So you know: In Cool Britannia, the moniker the Island acquired in the times of trendy Tony Blair, the only way disarmed Britons may shoot a savage is with … a camera. For in the country that gave us the “Rights of Englishmen,” the inspiration for the American founders—including the 1689 English Bill of Rights which entails the right to possess arms—the natural order has been inverted.
In the new old Blighty, only criminals are armed. ...