Monday, March 13, 2017

france24 / AFP: 'Sexy beast' [open-borders] Schulz fires up support ahead of German poll - Half-accurate? --tma

Matthias Zeller, a 21-year-old Social Democratic activist, caused a stir in Germany when he enthused on national television that his party's new leader Martin Schulz was a "geile Sau" -- which loosely translates as "sexy beast".
Zeller, who heads the youth wing of SPD's Mannheim chapter, told AFP that he let slip the informal expression "out of sheer exuberant joy" over Schulz's decision to lead the party into battle against Chancellor Angela Merkel in September elections.
For him, it also "embodies the enthusiasm of young people, especially in the SPD, for Schulz and the new strength of the party". ...