Wednesday, March 29, 2017

anepigone - Suppliers of digital stock photos of rapists, robbers, etc--only white criminals - I, for one, am sick of attacks from freckle-faced kids and Benedictine nuns! --tma

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I’m doing a little work on a textbook. The publisher has free access to, a service I hadn’t previously heard of but provides images similar to the Shutterstock pictures you’ve probably seen included in various online articles and the like.
I was looking for an image of a shoplifter for one of the modules I was finishing up. On the first page of results, containing 59 images, I noticed not a single perpetrator was black. I went through the other four pages of results, all of which were similarly completely devoid of black perps. I literally found a thieving pig before I was able to find a black filcher! ...