Monday, March 20, 2017

Brief Film Review: Arrival, 2016, Denis Villeneuve, 4 Stars; 5 Stars for PC (5+ Stars would be comical ultra-PC) --tma

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Brief Film Review: Arrival, 2016, Denis Villeneuve, 4 Stars, 5 Stars for PC*

     Admirable CGI and sound score, adding up to intoxicating atmospherics. Centering around civilizational survival, the cosmos and especially language and time. A slight downer under-taste due to a central plot element of a child’s mortality. Well acted. 

     Employing the frequently used fail-safe PC device/insurance/propaganda of the wise tough-but-kind Black bossman (one of about five Hollywood actors on speed-dial for these by-the-numbers ‘Magic Negro’ roles) of course in charge of the White characters. 

     And is it a bit paranoid to wonder this about so many recent films? Although most of the main characters, which still need to be White–open borders and high birthrate demographics having yet to achieve the Globalist goal, so in the US and Europe Whites are still the overwhelming majority target audiences--the interim solution found has been to have these characters be rather plain, lackluster and uncharismatic? 

     For example, wouldn’t a film like ‘Arrival’ have been far more gripping if it had featured characters/actors that would be today’s equivalent of those who possessed the seemingly effortless screen presence of , say, a Harrison Ford or a Jodie Foster? 

     Of course, there are other explanations, like not wanting the cost of hiring or building up newer actors to become very expensive stars. Or maybe it is just random chance of the new batch of leading actors currently coming up from the ranks. 

Overall, a thought provoking film, definitely worth seeing.

*A 5+ PC score would be the highest possible, as to be comical, such as the ‘Battlestar Galactica’ remake series: Female Starbuck (check); Female president (check); Hispanic Battlestar commander (check); Evil beautiful blonde Nordic alien, also–get ready–an evangelical Christian!