Sunday, March 12, 2017

SFGate - Pro-immigrant [Illegal alien] demonstrators rally outside Peter Thiel’s SF home

Around 40 protesters rallied Saturday afternoon outside the San Francisco home of Peter Thiel, a billionaire businessman and adviser to President Trump, over fears his data analytics company would partner with the administration to facilitate mass deportations.
Carrying signs with slogans like “Make America Mexico Again,” and “No wall no ban no surveillance state,” the group gathered around 3 p.m at the steps of Thiel’s Pacific Heights home on Broadway.
Former Supervisor David Campos was among those protesting, and addressed the group with a megaphone as he lambasted Thiel as “complicit with what Trump wants to do.”
“The concept of mass deportation is completely un-American,” Campos said. ...

     But invading America is? 

Carrying signs with slogans like “Make America Mexico Again” ... 

     This is pro-American??