Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Brief Review - David Horowitz, 'Big Agenda: President Trumps Plan to Save America' - Highly informative, well written, although central core of agenda underplayed - 4 of 5 Stars - By tma_sierrahills

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     Of course David Horowitz is rightfully admired by many for having the intellectual honesty and strength of character to switch from being a major name on the New Left, to moving over to becoming a top promoter of conservatism. Big Agenda is well worth reading, providing much information, being particularly good on our PC-imprisoned higher educational system, today really a taxpayer funded galaxy of fashionable Multi-Marx training camps, a subject Horowitz has previously covered in admirable detail. My only major problem with this book is that I do not know how you write about the Trump agenda without truly focusing in on the great nationalist-globalist divide. 

     This core struggle being underplayed leads to further explanatory warping down the line, mainly Horowitz attributing the central problem to being GOP “cowardice” when facing Democrat political correctness, shown by its continually backing down on defending conservative values, forever bowing to the far Left. We have heard this explanation often by mainstream conservative critics of the Establishment. 

     Sure, this is a big part of it, but if you were, say, Speaker Paul Ryan and your number-one motivation were quaking cowardice, would you so blatantly challenge Trump even when it looks as if he is finally going to win your party’s  nomination? Would you still be undermining him in such an embarrassingly weaselly way even after it appears that Trump is likely to win the general election? 

     If the main problem were cowardice, even I, a non-politician, could think of many ways I might split the difference so that I would not be supporting Trump and exposing myself as a juicy target for the PC Tolerance Police, while at the same time at least making a few mildly supportive and positive party-unity utterances, so that at the end I would not be caught out on a limb as a GOP Speaker opposing an incoming GOP President--and his millions of enthusiastic supporters. How Ryan and others behave seem to be a strange form of cowardice. 

     The answer, I believe, is that open-borders Ryan, like almost all of the GOP and Democrat Establishment that Trump ran against--Trump’s “swamp” dwellers--are Globalists. As Deep Throat once said, “Follow the Money.”