Saturday, March 4, 2017

VDare - Kirkpatrick: Marine Le Pen And The Existential Stakes In France’s Election - EU doubling down to dispossess its own population

No book has been as prophetic as Camp of the SaintsFrench writer Jean Raspail’s 1973 epic meditation on Western identity, masochism and the extinction of our culture through mass migration

But now Raspail’s claim to be the pre-eminent prophet of Western suicide is being challenged by another French novelist: Michel Houellebecq and his 2015 novel Submission. Submission posited that the French Establishment would do anything to prevent a National Front victory, even if it meant acquiescing to the overthrow of all of French civilization. 

And that’s precisely what’s happening today, as both the French and the European political classes are using legalistic legerdemain to block Marine Le Pen and leave the Islamization of La République intact. ...