Thursday, April 20, 2017

American Thinker - Flaherty - Shattered: A New Fairy Tale about How Hillary ‘Forgot’ White Voters - Actually "Hillary and her Klan actively demonized them every day"

The Russians are off the hook. The chattering geniuses have discovered a new villain to blame for the shattering demise of their heroine, Hillary.
White guys did it.
The same reporters who cheered Hillary’s every misstep and doubted every Trump triumph are now trying to convince us that Hillary would be wearing the presidential pants suits today if only her staffers had not forgotten about white voters.
That is what we learned from Shattered, the latest 2016 campaign obituary that crashed into bookstores this week. 
The pundits were so busy misreporting the election, they did not listen to what was actually happening in the campaign. If they had, they would know that far from forgetting white voters, Hillary and her Klan actively demonized them every day. ...