Thursday, April 6, 2017

AmRen: Terror on the Russian Metro - Sadly Putin also addicted to Muslim cheap labor - same culture because were once Soviet. Yikes! --tma

St. Petersburg Metro Explosion Victim

On Monday, an explosion on the St. Petersburg metro killed 14 people and injured dozens. This attack and the way it has been reported tell us a great deal.
The perpetrator is believed to be Akhbarzhon Jalilov, a 22 year old from Kyrgyzstan who came to Russia several years ago and took Russian citizenship. To show his gratitude toward his new country, Jalilov decided to strap on a suicide vest and blast his way into heaven. Jalilov was like scores of young men from Central Asia and the Caucasus who—like Mexicans in America—come to Russia to work and send remittances back home. Like Mexicans, they bring cultural problems and Third-World attitudes.
Bombings and attacks such as these are a part of everyday life in Russia. In 1999 a series of bombings ripped through apartment blocks in Moscow and other cities killed 307 people. The 2002 Moscow theater hostage-taking left 130 dead. A 2004 metro bombing in Moscow killed 41. Bombs on airplanes in 2004 killed 89. A 2010 Moscow subway attack killed 41. The 2015 downing of a Russian plane in Egypt killed 224. And there have been many more such incidents.
Just as in Europe and the United States, Muslims are killing unbelievers. Everyone knows this, especially our leaders, yet they continue letting in more Muslims. Russia is guilty of this, too. ...