Saturday, April 8, 2017

Yahoo - AFP: In France, bracing for possible Le Pen 'nightmare' - To MSM and other globalists the 'nightmare' in not terror but Le Pen stopping terror. --tma

Paris (AFP) - What if Marine Le Pen wins in May?
Two weeks before the French cast their first presidential ballots, the spectre of victory for the far-right leader who promises to crack down on immigration and outlaw gay marriage sends shivers down many a spine.
Pollsters say the anti-EU firebrand can count on the unwavering support of about one in four voters to get her past the first round of voting on April 23.
Although they also say the National Front (FN) leader cannot win in the decisive May 7 runoff whoever she faces, a great many pundits were wrong about Brexit and Donald Trump after failing to feel the populist pulse.
And with one in three voters still undecided at this late stage, pollsters would be wise to hedge their bets.
Predictions of a "nightmare" Le Pen presidency abound in bookstores and the media. ...