Wednesday, April 12, 2017

CEC - Tim Murray: $elling Diversity - Government-private partnership selling Canadians on their demographic doom

What makes the soft totalitarian state distinct from Nazi Germany or Stalinist Russia is that it is the private sector which acts as the water carrier for government sponsored social engineering. It is the private sector which does much of the work in the trenches, conditioning people to accept the government agenda. 

But then that is only fair, because upon closer inspection, this government agenda looks very much like the corporate agenda. Let's just call it a happy confluence of interests, where government contracts out multicultural propaganda to those who can use it to cloak their mercenary purposes. Selling diversity for profit is a Public-Private Partnership. Social cohesion, civic trust and participation can go to hell. 

There is no better illustration of that than the latest TV commercial put out by VanCity, the financial arm of the social justice crusade. See below. It's laced with all the robotic jargon that issues out of the mouths of programmed Millenials and status-seeking Gen Xers desperate to cling to their positions on the PC pecking order. Words like "Homophobia" and "Islamophobia." You know the script.  ...