Sunday, April 2, 2017

CEC: Duchesne: Western decline is irreversible ... only out of the coming chaos and violence will strong White men rise to resurrect the West

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Conchita Wurst, the winner of Eurovision talent contest 

Some White men are identifying with the Alt-Right as they realize that the goals and norms celebrated by our social order are underpinned by multiple deceptions, suppression of debate, anti-scientific notions about human equality, and unjust opposition to White identity in the midst of outright celebration of minority group rights. 

But it is not easy to dissent. The playbook of the establishment is very simple and very effective: claim that questioners of diversity are driven by plain hatred, that they are poorly educated hicks who can't stand losing their White privilege, too parochial to understand the progressive cosmopolitanism marvellously spreading through the West. 

Nevertheless, the establishment is having difficulties keeping men away from the Alt-Right due to the widening gap between its ideals and the sickening realities engendered by these ideals, between the ideal of equality and the crime statistics of blacks, between the ideal of multicultural harmony and the reality of Islamic terrorism, between the ideal of freedom of expression and the suppression of criticism against Islamization, between the ideal of gender equality and the feminist acquiescence with migrant sexual assaults. 

Still, one can't help wonder why the vast majority of White males are still entrapped to these ridiculous ideals.  ...