Sunday, April 16, 2017

Daily Caller: Taking The Vote Away From White Men Isn’t A Joke In South Africa

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The Huffington Post made a bold move this week in publishing one of the most click-baity op-eds in recent memory: “Could It Be Time To Deny White Men The Franchise?
Written by an alleged South African philosophy student Shelley Garland, the piece poorly argued for the need to take the vote away from white males all over the world. (RELATED: HuffPo Writer Proposes Stripping White Men Of Voting Rights)
On Saturday, HuffPo retracted the article after it was revealed that the purported author of the article likely doesn’t exist. It’s not too surprising that the article was probably just an elaborate troll — even though the liberal media giant defended its publication as a valid point of view before deleting it. (That defense has since been scrubbed as well.)
Even if it was all just a bit of satire, the article represents a point of view that is becoming more prevalent in South Africa and among some leftists in Europe and America as well. ...