Thursday, April 27, 2017

WaTimes: NYC to pay for lawyers for illegals - DeBlasio, Cuomo, Emanuel, Brown, Trudeau, Francis, Merkel--West never before this suicidally corrupt. --tma

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New York Mayor Bill DeBlasio has earmarked more than $16 million in city taxpayer funds to pay for lawyers to help illegal immigrants fight deportation as part of his 2018 budget.
The money is to be used to pay for “legal representation for immigrant New Yorkers facing deportation and other immigration challenges,” the mayor’s office said as he released his proposal Wednesday.
Mr. DeBlasio’s move follows New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s promise of $10 million in taxpayer funds earmarked for the same purpose statewide.
Immigrant-rights groups cheered the mayor’s proposal, calling it an “unprecedented” amount of cash. ...