Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Runoff France: Le Pen bursting out the gate like a thoroughbred racehorse. "Smug" Macron assuming victory.

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Amiens (France) (AFP) - French presidential frontrunner Emmanuel Macron vowed Wednesday not to "yield a centimetre" to Marine Le Pen after being booed and heckled with chants backing his far-right rival during a chaotic visit to an under-threat factory in the nation's rustbelt.
"We have two projects for the country going head to head against one another," said Macron as he visited a cafe in the northern village of Bully-les-Mines.
"So I shall not cede a centimetre of space, not a second's respite, not an ounce of energy," to Le Pen, Macron insisted.
Earlier, Le Pen had stolen some of the pro-European candidate's thunder by visiting workers hours ahead of him at the same factory in his northern home town of Amiens.
Macron was booed and heckled as he made a chaotic visit to the under-threat factory in the nation's depressed northern rustbelt where Le Pen topped first round voting. ...