Wednesday, April 19, 2017

AmRen - Henry Olson: Libertarians Prove Their Irrelevance in Auburn - "Libertarians do not understand that not only is our enemy no longer at the gates; he is rampaging inside the city walls."

“Freedom—yes, but for whom? To do what?”
When Murray Rothbard and Lew Rockwell opened a libertarian think tank in Auburn, Alabama, it struck observers as somewhat odd. Auburn was a surprising location for the fledgling Ludwig von Mises Institute—but the choice was inspired at least in part by nearby Auburn University, which at the time had an economics department friendly toward the Mises-Rothbard brand of Austrian economics.
That was 1982.
Though the Mises Institute still sits next to Auburn University, it is hard to overstate what a difference 35 years have made. As we saw on Tuesday, Auburn, the once “Austrian-friendly,” conservative bastion of the Old South, tried everything it could to prevent Richard Spencer from giving a speech. It gave in only at the eleventh hour, after reneging on a contract, and under the compulsion of a federal court order.
But if Auburn will ease up on its left-wing censorship only through government command, then it is difficult to see how it differs from any Northern liberal school. ...