Friday, April 14, 2017

sfgate -Berkeley braces for pro-Trump rally - Same MSM spin job, $PLC scam has been discredited by all studying it --tma

The Berkeley farmers’ market that has been open for business every Saturday for 30 years, save the time gale-force winds shut it down, will close this weekend as organizers fear the fallout from a second rally in as many months supporting President Trump in the liberal East Bay city.
The Ecology Center Farmers’ Market next to Civic Center Park decided earlier this week to shutter itself Saturday because of concerns of more violence from the “free speech rally” set to start at noon in Civic Center Park, said Martin Bourque, the executive director.
The closure marked the most visible sign of concern by local businesses and residents around the unpermitted rally organized by a loose collective of far-right groups — including “security” provided by the Oath Keepers, an antigovernment collective categorized as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center — following a similar March 4 effort at the same park that devolved into bloody violence. ...