Monday, May 8, 2017

AmRen - Chris Roberts: Make Trump be Trump

Donald Trump is president, but it feels like his essence was magically replaced with that of Mitt Romney or Jim DeMint. The man in the Oval Office is not even funding the border wall, much less building it. Barack Obama’s “dreamers” don’t look like they will have to pack their bags after all. There is no Muslim ban in the works, and courts have blocked both of his ill-crafted executive orders that would have banned some of the worst Muslim immigration.
There are Republican majorities in both houses, yet even legislation nearly the entire party agrees on, such as repealing ObamaCare, is going nowhere. And President Trump’s promises to renegotiate or even pull out of NAFTA and to keep out of foreign entanglements are apparently worthless.
     I don't really understand this part about NAFTA. I believe Canada and Mexico have already expressed an interest on renegotiation. 
Still, America dodged a bullet. President Trump pulled us out of the TPP, whereas Hillary Clinton would have sealed the deal. Mr. Trump has been ineffective at banning Muslims, but a President Clinton would have brought Sweden’s nightmare to many more American cities. When my disappointment with Donald Trump starts to get the better of me, I remember that our wannabe first female president intended to bring in 65,000 Syrian “refugees” every year; Mr. Obama didn’t even top 10,000. However many Syrians manage to get in this year, Mrs. Clinton would have brought us many more. ...