Wednesday, May 31, 2017

DM: Georgia Male Nursing Assistant, 43, ‘Intentionally Broke a 98-year-old Patient’s Leg’ and She then Died in Surgery to Fix It - 'Could have easily been a white guy.' --Typical clueless lefty or libertarian --tma

Hakim Ogunkunle Mug Shot

A nursing assistant intentionally broke his 98-year-old patient’s leg before she died while undergoing surgery to fix it, police say.
Hakim Ogunkunle, 43, is facing aggravated battery charges for allegedly injuring his patient, Edna Warren, while she was under his care on Tuesday, at the Newnan Health and Rehabilitation in Georgia. ...
     I suspect this sort of thing is much more common than anyone knows. Think about it. You're a frail 90-year-old, maybe already a bit frightened and confused. Are you really going to take the risk of complaining to someone about some thug bruiser who will then maybe be in and out of your room all night while you are sleeping? Our rulers, including Trump so far, keep importing Stone Age cheap labor and then they stick them in places like nursing homes so they can get rid of European ethnics even faster than we are already dying out from lower birthrates.