Thursday, May 11, 2017

AmRen - Fabrizio Evola: What’s in Store for the National Front? - Time is running out, but France still has an opportunity to preserve its heritage.

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Its chances should be even better in 2022.
Emmanuel Macron, the former Rothschild banker, is now the president-elect of France after defeating Marine Le Pen 66 to 34 percent. Immigration restrictionists had hoped that a Le Pen victory would give France a chance to end its membership with the European Union, stop Islamic immigration, and reduce the risk of terrorism. Mr. Macron, however, is committed to a stronger relationship with the EU and more immigration for France. He thinks terrorism is just a symptom of globalism and partly the fault of the French.
Essentially, the French have voted for the status quo for the next five years. Nationalists worry that an increasingly diverse France will make it harder for a party like the National Front to take power in the future. Miss Le Pen’s loss is disconcerting, but I believe the National Front—it may be changing its name to “Les Patriotes”—still has a chance to win. ...