Wednesday, May 31, 2017

DM: Route 66, America's 'Mother Road,' revs back to life - So will the Historic American Nation? - Natch, article hammers us on evil white racism --tma

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For decades, Route 66 captured the imagination of travelers the world over, offering a glimpse of a bygone era of American history, when people hit the road in search of adventure and a better life.
The two-lane highway established in 1926 and coined the "Mother Road" by John Steinbeck seemed to encompass the essence of America, threading through eight states from Chicago to Santa Monica.
But after it was decommissioned in the 1980s in favor of larger and faster thoroughfares, Route 66 appeared headed for the dustbin of history as the mom and pop stores, kitschy motels, diners and petrol stations that lined the road gradually shut down. ...
     The banning of Blacks at night in some small towns along Route 66 may have had something to do with their far higher crime rate--still true today.