Sunday, May 14, 2017

WND - After Le Pen defeat some experts see a 2nd chance, others a Muslim Europe or nightmarish civil wars

The French right is in chaos following the defeat of the National Front’s Marine Le Pen at the hands of the pro-European Union Emmanuel Macron in the recent presidential election.
After the election collapse, Marion Maréchal-Le Pen, the photogenic niece of Marine Le Pen and favorite of the party’s traditionalist base, announced she had made a “personal choice” to retire from politics.
She had been seen as a future party leader and a more stalwart champion of traditional values and Catholic identity than Marine, and her departure further raises doubts about the ability of the National Front to win future elections.
The National Front itself may not even survive as a name. Marine Le Pen reportedly wants to change it to broaden its appeal, defining its mission as championing “patriots” against “globalists.”
Still, it’s far too soon to write off the National Front, or Marine Le Pen herself. Though the National Front was crushed in the election, Le Pen won more votes than any other candidate in the party’s history. She also won the endorsement of some smaller conservative parties, though Francois Fillon, the candidate of the major center-right party Les Républicains, endorsed Macron. ...
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