Thursday, May 4, 2017

Breitbart - Béziers, France: Mayor Robert Ménard Fined for Mentioning Demographic Changes in Local Schools - Also court costs of 7 anti-racist groups suing him - Some classes over 90% Muslim.

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Train Beziers

French mayor Robert Ménard has been fined by the government for hate speech after mentioning that French children were being “replaced” in schools in his town.

Mr. Ménard, who serves as the mayor of Béziers, was sentenced to a fine of 2,000 euros for the comments he made on Twitter in September of 2016, France 24 reports. The independent mayor, who is supported by the Front National, then told local television station LCI a few days after making the post: “In a class in the city centre of my town, 91 per cent of the children are Muslims. Obviously, this is a problem. There are limits to tolerance” ...