Friday, May 12, 2017 - Houston US most diverse city. MSM: Ever less whites--Hooray! - Memo to TX: Gun rights won't save you from genocide --tma

Houston's population is quite diverse and has trended that way for decades. The Los Angeles Times posits in an article published May 9, 2017 that demographic changes across the country will have America resembling Houston today by 2050. Scroll through the gallery to see where Houston's foreign-born population comes from Photo: Karen Warren, Staff / © 2013 Houston Chronicle

A quick look around Houston and one thing becomes obvious; the Bayou City is about as diverse as it gets.
It wasn't always that way, though. The metropolis on I-10 got started as a town catering to the oil industry, with white men doing blue-collar work in the energy sector.
Immigration and time changed things and created the city we know today. ...