Friday, May 5, 2017

RRW - USA Today spin on refugee numbers "plummet" - Who to believe--open-borders USA Today or longtime refugee watcher Ann Corcoran? --tma

Ann Corcoran

It is so maddening to see how the Leftwing Open borders media spins the news!
Here USA Today trumpets:

Refugee admissions plummet under Trump, USA TODAY analysis finds

Before you even read their analysis, look at this chart we posted two days ago showing monthly admissions for the last ten years.  We pointed out that at this point in the fiscal year (the end of April) we actually admitted more refugees than we did in that period for the last ten years. See also this morning’s numbers report.
Trump is on target (we are unhappy to say) to bring in just slightly less than the average number for the previous ten years, but you would never know that from reading the mainstream media! ...