Saturday, April 1, 2017

Breitbart: Survival Rules for Pro-Trump Californians Living Behind the Blue Curtain - Surprising ignorance of CA voter geography: huge swaths of Trump Country --tma

Nearly 4.5 million voters in this state cast their ballots for Donald Trump in the November election. More than 47 other states and just a fraction fewer than Texas and Florida.

Unfortunately for these Californians, their vote total was dwarfed by the 8.75 million that went for Hillary Clinton from the Golden State, as her 61 percent vote share constituted the biggest landslide since FDR carried the state in 1936.

So if you’re a Trump supporter in California, for the most part you try to keep your political affiliation incognito. That means no bumper stickers on your car. No lawn signs on your property. No post-election parties. You keep your gloating and hopefulness behind closed doors.

It’s that way because doing anything otherwise could be downright physically unsafe and socially damaging. ...