Monday, July 31, 2017

AmRen - Photos: Black Rioting - 50th anniversary of Detroit Riot, same then as now - In fact a Black president on their side only seemed to make them angrier --tma

July 24, 1967 – Detroit, MI, U.S. – Police began to move in the area of 12th Street and Clairmont as hundreds of people fill the street with violence gaining momentum during the 1967 Detroit Race Riot. (Credit Image: © Keystone Press Agency/Keystone USA via

Black behavior does not change.
With little notice anywhere on the political spectrum, this past work week marked the 50th anniversary of the what has been called the “1967 Detroit Riot.” It was one of the most destructive riots in American history, ending with 43 dead and thousands wounded. Unfortunately, it set the pace for the next fifty years of race relations and urban mayhem in this country. What started it is all too familiar. Police raided an illegal, unlicensed bar, the patrons fought with the police, and things escalated quickly. Next thing the country knew, there were days and days of blacks rioting, looting, and setting fires, largely in their own neighborhoods. Things did not even end when Governor George Romney, the chief cuckservative of his day (and father to Mitt), called in the National Guard. It took scallywag Lyndon Johnson calling in the airborne for that.
Here are some photos from the event. Unfortunately, the more things change, the more they stay the same. ...