Sunday, July 23, 2017

VDare - Mathew Richer: For Immigration Patriot Hobbits, Trump Must AND CAN Be Reelected—Or Sauron’s Army Will Prevail!

Donald Trump has been a mixed bag so far for immigration patriots. Of course, he is not Hillary Clinton (or Jeb Bush). He has increased enforcement and tried to impose a partial Muslim travel ban. But he could have done more and he sometimes makes Politically Correct statements that he actually appears to believe. Still, the fact remains that Donald Trump is the first President since Ronald Reagan who genuinely loves his country and seeks to preserve it. His reelection must be the highest priority for immigration patriots. [The Face of Donald Trump’s 2020 Campaign, by Katie Gluek, McClatchy, June 7, 2017] I believe it can be done—and, remember, I predicted Trump would run as an immigration patriot back in early 2015.
Re-election will be quite a challenge, given that Trump’s political opponents are engaged in a permanent campaign to delegitimize him and the “America First” policies he (sometimes) advocates. We are currently living through, as others have noted, a “Cold Civil War”, a war that began decades ago, even if most Americans only recently woke up to the fact.
Donald Trump, therefore, must see himself as a wartime president if he is to accomplish anything, including reelection. ...