Wednesday, July 5, 2017

RRW: Trump admin continues to flood USA with Bush-Obama-Ryan-UN refugees - Top 'welcoming': CA, TX, NY, WA, OH - So much for 'Don't mess with Texas' --tma

Today we reached 49,255 refugees, 745 away from Trump 50,000 cap

Posted by Ann Corcoran on July 3, 2017
And, once we pass the 50,000 cap (aka ceiling), then the Supreme Court will be effectively running the UN/US Refugee Admissions Program. 

Refugees arriving over the Presidentially-determined ceiling of 50,000 are the responsibility of nine unelected judges who have decided that relatives can’t possibly be terrorists!
The ceiling has been a cornerstone of  the refugee program for 37 years and last week the Supremes took it upon themselves to lay out fuzzy parameters for exceeding the ceiling set by President Trump that no President in at least a decade has exceeded (maybe ever!).
I just checked the latest numbers at Wrapsnet and see that as of today we have admitted 49,255 refugees this fiscal year.  (The fiscal year ends September 30th).
We should hit 50,000 within a few days.  So, will the members of the court begin getting the daily Presidential security briefing when that happens? And, come to think of it, who tells the Supremes that they have exceeded their Constitutional authority? Hmmmm?
Here are the top ten ‘welcoming’ states (so much for Texas trying to get out of the program) ...

     Yes, so much for 'Don't mess with Texas.' This is what I keep trying to explain to so many who think that California's leftist government has to do with it historically having been brimming with liberal Democrats. Of course California was once the state of Reagan. Actually the control of Sacramento by liberal Democrats for several years now has been due to federal open borders since 1965, causing the massive influx of third world migrants who vote Democrat. In the 1980s California Governor Pete Wilson and state voters approved legislation that tried to cut off state benefits to illegals, which was knocked down by the courts. 

     For his trouble, Governor Wilson became a 'racist' pariah, especially scorned by the national GOP and its all-powerful consultants. Texas and other states are now on their demographic way to be turned leftist Blue, and I suppose people will someday say that the problem is that Texas, Tennessee, etc, have always have been chalk full of liberals, have gotten what they deserve, and should leave the USA--no matter how many millions of Red state conservatives are still living within those states.