Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Breitbart - Phoenix Police Dept decides spike in murders will be just fine if illegals can be sanctuaried --tma

PHOENIX, Arizona –The recent revelation that City of Phoenix Police Department is planning a return to a restrictive policy that would limit officers from contacting immigration authorities has raised red flags among active and retired law enforcement who worked during a time when a similar measure led to a dramatic spike in violence.

Phoenix Police is working in making changes to their current operational procedure for officers, Breitbart Texas reported. The new changes to the policy would force officers to get permission from supervisors before contacting U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement in dealing with suspects, victims, or witnesses who may be in the country illegally.

Phoenix has always had a large Latino population, primarily due to its proximity to the Mexican border, as well as plentiful jobs and affordable housing. What Phoenix did not have was at one time was a big city homicide problem.

In 1985, before Phoenix took on a series of sanctuary city-type policies, the city had an illegal immigrant population of less than 90,000 and had a total of 89 homicides.  The homicides and the number of illegal immigrants in the city began to steadily climb in the years after. By 1994 and 1995, homicides had reached 231 and 221 respectively and the illegal immigrant population climbed to approximately 160,000. The violent trend continued. During a nine-year period between 1999-2007, the city saw more than 200 yearly homicides for seven of the nine years. By 2007, the number of illegal aliens in Phoenix was listed at over 500,000. ...