Friday, July 7, 2017

DM: The great exodus: Tens of thousands of migrants make their way across the Mediterranean while the EU tears itself apart over the issue

Almost 1.5million migrants have arrived into Europe by sea since January 2015, while more than 100,000 have arrived this year 
Daily Mail

  • Since January 2015, 1,478,558 migrants have arrived in Europe by sea while 101,210 have done so this year 

  • In 2017, around 85,000 migrants - including 12,000 just this week - have sailed from Libyan ports to Italy

  • Many of the migrants reach the island of Lampedusa, 70 miles from Africa's coast, or find their way to Sicily ...

  •      I support Trump's "extreme vetting," but it is still 'White Man's Disease.' It assumes we must welcome the 3rd world--forever.