Wednesday, July 12, 2017

RRW - Ann Corcoran: [Erase Our] Heritage Foundation gives five fluffy reasons US should resettle refugees

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Somehow can't imagine many refugees camped out here.

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Five flimsy, fluffy reasons that the American taxpayer should shell out billions a year (a large chunk of which goes to the religious LEFT, see here, working against conservatives), to seed welfare consuming third world poverty and diverse cultures many of which don’t plan to assimilate in to unsuspecting towns and cities across 49 states.  (But Ms. Enos doesn’t have to face any of that, according to her bio she lives on Capitol Hill.)
Her five reasons….
#1. USRAP enables the U.S. to assert American leadership in foreign crises.
#2. USRAP provides the U.S. with a way to respond positively to intractable crises.
#3. USRAP enables the U.S. to assist allies and partners in crisis.
#4. USRAP strengthens American public diplomacy.
#5. USRAP alleviates human suffering.
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