Monday, July 10, 2017

WaTimes: Trump cancels Obama’s special immigration program for foreign entrepreneurs - Good--one down! - Immigration categories are astronomical --tma

The Trump administration put a hold Monday on an Obama-era policy that was designed to encourage foreign entrepreneurs to settle in the U.S. to build their companies, saying immigration officials are already overwhelmed with more important work.
It’s the latest of President Obama’s executive actions on immigration to be unwound by President Trump, and it comes a week before the new policy was to take effect.
Under the now-delayed program, foreigners who were trying to build or invest in startup companies were to be granted “parole” into the U.S., which is special permission to be here with legal status and a work permit — and a potential chance at eventual citizenship.
The Obama administration had called the parole another use of discretionary authority.
Mr. Trump, though, has been skeptical of those grants of discretionary power, and ordered his Homeland Security Department to revoke areas where his predecessor was too generous. ...