Sunday, July 9, 2017

TOO - Langdon: 'Pyromaniacs’ Ball: The Grenfell Tower Disaster as a Metaphor for the West - First world organized stupidity coming to the rescue of third world chaotic stupidity

I hate TV, so I usually hear the news rather than see it. This gives me a lot of chances to put my Evil White Racism to work on predictions. Mostly I’m right, occasionally I’m wrong. When I heard that a disgruntled ex-doctor had shot up a hospital in New York, I assumed that the doctor would be non-White.
Disaster waiting to happen
I was right. He turned out to be a Nigerian who had been sacked for sexual harassment. But I was wrong when I heard about more than a hundred people burning to death as they collected spilt fuel from a crashed tanker. I assumed that, as usual, it had happened in Africa and that, after a frantic few minutes of fuel-scooping, someone had decided to take a well-earned cigarette-break. No: it had happened in Pakistan.
But I was right about the cigarette. The story was a characteristically Third-World horror: mass incineration resulting from casual, chaotic stupidity. The Grenfell Tower disaster in London, by contrast, might be called a characteristically First-World horror. It was mass incineration resulting from carefully organized stupidity. At vast expense and as an act of ecological piety, the tower had been wrapped in highly flammable cladding. A lot of brain-power and organization went into turning Grenfell Tower into a disaster waiting-to-happen. In the end, all it took was an exploding freezer. The fire then grew too fast and climbed too high for the stale pale males of the London Fire Brigade to rescue dozens of trapped residents. 
I’d call Grenfell Tower a good metaphor for the Western world as a whole. At vast expense and with conspicuous piety, we are being wrapped in the highly flammable cladding of racial and religious diversity. You can see the chaos of the Third World meeting the careful organization of the First World off the coast of Libya. Criminal gangs push vibrant non-White migrants a short distance out to sea in unseaworthy and dangerously overladen small boats. The vibrant migrants are then picked up by powerful, seaworthy European ships and carried hundreds of miles to Italy, where they begin their new lives as they intend to continue: being fed, clothed, housed and medically tended at enormous expense by European Whites. ...