Sunday, July 30, 2017

Daily Mail - Life inside Syria's ISIS "Little Britain" - "British" brides jealous of sex slaves, etc - Joke of the Millennium? UK is ruled by "Conservatives"! --tma

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Prime Minister Teresa May, as in she may be either anti-West or just as dumb as a stump.

Inside ISIS's 'Little Britain' stronghold: Fashion student held alongside notorious British jihadi brides reveals they were 'delighted' when they appeared in the news and were bitterly jealous of their husband's sex slaves

  • Islam Mitat, 23, had been married to her British husband for three months when he suggested that they move from their home in Dubai to Turkey

  • Shortly after arriving in Turkey, Mitat's husband forcibly took his wife to Syria

  • She described an Isis 'Little Britain' where she shared a home with the 'terror twins' from Manchester and White Widow Sally Jones, the ISIS bride from Kent

  • She claims that since she left the caliphate she has been co-operating with British intelligence, providing information about her time living under Isis ...