Sunday, July 30, 2017

RRW - Australia welcoming Syrian Christian refugees while sending Muslims to USA, Land of the Dumb --tma

Posted by Ann Corcoran on July 30, 2017
….but they don’t want the mostly Muslim ‘refugees’ on Manus and Nauru—the ones the United States is planning to take off their hands***.
Australia welcomes large number of Syrian Christians while sending its mostly Muslim rejected asylum seekers to US. NUTS!
As we wait for news about who the terror plotters are in Australia—the ones arrested for planning to take down an Australian airliner—I thought this short news item was telling.  How can the US be so stupid, so snookered by the Australian government!
While many countries have opened their doors to Muslim migrants from the Middle East, the journey has not been as easy for Christians in search of new homes after fleeing from intense persecution from their countries. However, an aid agency that extends help specifically to Christians is working to change the picture. The Barnabas Fund has set up a program that helps believers from the Middle East to resettle in Australia. ...