Saturday, July 8, 2017

RRW - Linda Sarsour: Muslim immigrants must not “assimilate” - Linda only pointing out the obvious to we cluelessly idealistic Whites. Look at the looting rioting thugs of Black Lives Matter, with no major Black community condemnation. How many centuries have they had to assimilate? --tma

Posted by Ann Corcoran on July 8, 2017
The news is not surprising, so I’m bringing this Breitbart article by Neil Munro to your attention so I can once again mention the words “assimilate” and “integrate” in the Left/Open Borders agitators’ lexicon.
Linda Sarsour is the American-born daughter of Palestinian immigrant parents according to wikipedia and she is making news almost on a daily basis as she champions the cause of Islam in the age of Trump.
Here is Munro in a story entitled: ‘Muslim Immigrants Must Not Assimilate, Says Progressive Ally Linda Sarsour’
Muslims in the United States should not assimilate into American society, but should instead act “to please Allah and only Allah,” said Linda Sarsour, a rising star among progressive Democrats, last weekend. ...