Saturday, July 1, 2017

VDare - James Kirkpatrick: Health Care Failure May Mean Trump Immigration Pivot Against Ryanism Finally At Hand. It Better Be.

As the Congressional Republicans indulge in their habitual incompetence by pushing a deeply unpopular health care bill, there are signs President Donald Trump may finally be returning to the immigration issue that put him in the Oval Office. Trump is boosting bills to end sanctuary cities and impose tougher penalties on deported criminals who re-enter the United States illegally [Trump to rally Congress on immigration after healthcare setbackby Pete Kasperowicz, Washington Examiner, June 28, 2017]. He’s also meeting with the victims of illegal immigrant crime finally to pressure the Republican leadership to act [Trump joins with victims of illegal-immigrant crime to urge Congress to actby S.A. Miller, Washington Times, June 28, 2017]. Both passed tonight (June 29).[ House Passes ‘Kate’s Law,’ Votes to Defund Sanctuary Cities, by Dartunorro Clark, June 29, 2017 ]
Meanwhile, Trump said “it’s okay” if the heath care bill fails to make it through the Senate, suggesting he may not tie the fate of his presidency to this albatross. [President Trump Tells GOP Senators It’s ‘Okay’ If Health Care Bill Doesn’t Passby Alana Abramson, Time, June 27, 2017]
And there also signs of life on trade. President Trump is reportedly considering actions to punish China, including by putting tariffs on steel. [Trump growing frustrated with China, weighs trade steps: officialsby Steve Holland, Reuters, June 28, 2017]
From a nationalist perspective, these steps are not just welcome—they are necessary for President Trump’s political survival. ...